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Looking for Babysitting Services for children with autism may seem overwhelming, but it is an important investment in your time to have a list of trusted providers.

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Child Care Facilities

Finding appropriate autistic daycare can be quite a challenge. Daycare providers must be knowledgeable about the disorder and experienced in handling its symptoms to provide the social, behavioral, educational, and emotional support that is necessary for many children with autism to thrive. Find child care providers in your area.

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Some children with autism have more sensory issues than others, so getting a haircut can be traumatic.

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Life Coaching

Life coaches may be used in a number of ways to be of benefit people with autism or Asperger’s, as well as his or her parents, caregivers, family members and employers.

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Recreational Activities

Questions to ask, helpful hints, and things to consider for activities like camps and sports.

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